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We are an interdisciplinary research group at the department of chemical engineering in POSTECH. We develop innovative platforms for designing nanomaterials at the atomic scale through growth, assembly, and chemical process. We study the fundamental properties of artificial materials with assistants of state-of-the-art characterization toolsets and fabricate emerging nano-devices with advanced functionalities. 


Material Growth

We grow high-quality materials with uniformity at the nano-scale over large-area by chemical vapor deposition processes to provide key elements for nano-devices. In addition to the large-scale growth engineering for applications, we try to grow novel materials, including thermodynamically meta-stable ones by developing new growth techniques.  


Fundamental Study of Material Properties

The study of the interactions between the new materials and other fundamental elements, including electrons, phonons, and molecules will lead to the discovery of novel physical properties. We study them by using various spatially and spectrally resolved optical and electrical spectroscopy techniques.


Advanced Nano-devices

Novel nanomaterials can be integrated with current existing device platforms to realize new device architectures with enhanced performances.

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