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Fast Growth of Large-sized Organic Single Crystals by Spin Coating
JH ParkSY Choi and CJ Kim*

Step-directed Epitaxy of Uni-directional Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Vicinal Ge(110)

JH Jung, C Zhao, SJ Yang, JH Park, CG Hwang, F. Ding* and CJ Kim*

Single-Shot Multispectral Encoding: Advancing Optical Lithography for Encryption and Spectroscopy
HW Shim
, GW Park, SY Choi, SM Ryu, YY Noh* and CJ Kim
Integrated 1D epitaxial mirror twin boundaries for ultra-scaled 2D MoS2 field-effect transistors
HS Ahn, GH Moon, HG Jung, BC Deng, DH Yang, CS Lee, CH Han, YK Yeo, CJ Kim, CH Yang, SY Choi, HK Park, JW Jeon, JH Park and MH Jo*
Nat. Nanotechnol. (accepted)
MXene-based High Performance Microfluidic pH Sensors for Electronic Tongue
HJ Kim, CW Lee, SH Park, SK Choi, SH Park, GB Nam, JE Ryu, TH Eom, BS Kim, CJ Kim*, SY Kim* and HW Jang*
Sens. Actuators B Chem., 409, 135636 (2024) <Link> <PDF>

Dephasing Dynamics Accessed by High Harmonic Generation: Determination of Electron-Hole Decoherence of Dirac Fermions
YJ Kim, MJ Kim, SY Cha, SY Choi, CJ Kim, BJ Kim, MH Jo, JH Kim* and JD Lee*

Nano Lett. 24, 1277-1283 (2024) <Link> <PDF>


Reduction of Hole Carriers by van der Waals Contact for Enhanced Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in Two-Dimensional Tin Halide Perovskite
JH Park, YJ Reo, JH Jung, TH Kim, TH Park, YY Noh* and CJ Kim*
ACS Energy Lett., 8, 3536–3544 (2023) <Link> <PDF>

Rationally Designed Graphene Channels for Real-time Sodium Ion Detection for Electronic Tongue
CW Lee, SE Jun, SJ Kim, TH Lee, SA Lee, JW Yang, JH Cho, SY Choi, CJ Kim*, SY Kim* and HW Jang*
Informat, 5(7):e12427 (2023) <Link> <PDF>

Thermodynamically Driven Tilt Grain Boundaries of Monolayer Crystals Using Catalytic Liquid Alloys

MY Choi,CW Choi, DY Kim, MJ Jo, YS Kim*, SY Choi* and CJ Kim*
Nano Lett., 23, 4516-4523 (2023) <Link> <PDF>

High-performance Solution-processed 2D P-type WSe2 Transistors and Circuits through Molecular Doping
T Zou, HJ Kim, S Kim, A Liu, MY Choi, H Jung, H Zhu, I You, Y Reo, WJ Lee, YS Kim*, CJ Kim* and YY Noh*

Adv. Mater., 16, 2208934 (2023) <Link> <PDF>


Gate-tunable Quantum Pathways of Massless Dirac Fermions in High Harmonic Generation
S Cha, M Kim, Y Kim, S Choi, S Kang, H Kim, GY Cho, MJ Park, CJ Kim, BJ Kim, JD Lee*, MH Jo* and J Kim*(equal contribution) 
Nat. Commun.13, 6630 (2022) <Link> <PDF>

Twisted Growth by Design
SJ Yang and CJ Kim* 
(News and View) Nat. Mater. 21, 1215-1216 (2022) <Link> <PDF>

Large Memory Window of van der Waals Heterostructure Device using MOCVD grown 2D Layered Ge4Se9
GC Noh, HY Song, HN Choi, JH Jeong, YJ Lee, MY Choi, SY Oh, MG Kim, MK Jo, YY Jo, EP Park, ER Moon, TS Kim, HJ Chai, W Huh, CH Lee, CJ Kim, HJ Yang, SW Song, HY Jeong, YS Kim, GH Lee, JS Lim, CG Kim, TM Chung*, JY Kwak* and KB Kang*(equal contribution) 
Adv. Mater. 34, 2204982 (2022) <Link> <PDF>

Engineering Grain Boundaries in Two-dimensional Electronic Materials
SJ Yang
, MY Choi and CJ Kim*(equal contribution) 
Adv. Mater. 2203425 (2022) <Link> <PDF>

Substrate-Dependent Growth Mode Control of MoS2 Monolayers: Implications for Hydrogen Evolution and Field-Effect Transistor
MY Choi, CW Choi, SJ Yang, HJ Lee, SY Choi, JH Park, J Heo, SY Choi* and CJ Kim(equal contribution) 
ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 5, 4336–4342 (2022) <Link> <PDF>

Wafer-scale Programmed Assembly of One-atom-thick Crystals
SJ Yang
, JH Jung, ES Lee, E Han, MY Choi, DS Jung, SY Choi, JH Park, DS Oh, SW Noh, KJ Kim, PY Huang, CC Hwang and CJ Kim* (equal contribution)  
Nano Lett., 22, 1518-1524 (2022) <Link> <PDF>
(Highlights: Journal Cover, News 1)


Graphene Nanoribbon Grids of Sub-10 nm Widths with High Electrical Connectivity
NJ Kim
, SY Choi, SJ Yang, JW Park, JH Park, N.N. Nguyen, KH Park, SM Ryu, KW Cho and CJ Kim(equal contribution)
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 13, 28593–28599 (2021) <Link> <PDF>

Pristine Graphene Insertion at Metal/Semiconductor Interface to Minimize Metal-induced Gap States
JH Park
, SJ Yang, CW Choi, SY Choi* and CJ Kim(equal contribution)
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 13, 22828-22835 (2021) <Link> <PDF>

Direct Synthesis of MoP NRs on Silicon Using Graphene at the Heterointerface for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction
SE Jun, SH Choi, SY Choi, TH Lee, CY Kim, JW Yang, WO Choe, IH Im, CJ Kim* and H.W Jang*
Nano-Micro Lett., 13, 81 (2021)
<Link> <PDF>

Atomically Smooth Graphene-Based Hybrid Template for the Epitaxial Growth of Organic Semiconductor Crystals

N.N. Nguyen, HC Lee, KK Baek, MS Yoo, HS Lee, HS Lim, SY Choi, CJ Kim, SW Nam* and KW Cho*
Adv. Funct. Mater., 31, 2008813 (2021) <Link> <PDF>


Nanoscale Molecular Building Blocks for Layer-by-layer Assembly
SY Choi, N.N. Nguyen, YJ Lee, SJ Yang, KP Kim, KW Cho and CJ Kim*
Adv. Mater. Interfaces., 7, 2000522 (2020) <Link> <PDF>

Metal Nanoparticle Exsolution on a Perovskite Stannate Support with High Electrical Conductivity
SB Yu, DS Yoon, YJ Lee, H Han, NJ Kim, CJ Kim, KW Ihm, TS Oh and JW Son*
Nano Lett., 20, 3538-3544 (2020) <Link> <PDF>


Stacking Angle-tunable Photoluminescence from Interlayer Excitons in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
H. Patel, L. Huang, CJ Kim, J. Park and M. W. Graham
Nat. Commun., 10, 1445 (2019) <Link> <PDF>    

All-Dry Transfer of Graphene Film by Van der Waals Interactions
SJ Yang, SY Choi, F. Ngome, KJ Kim, SY Choi and CJ Kim*
Nano Lett., 19, 3590-3596, (2019) <Link> <PDF>


Chiral Atomically Thin Films

CJ Kim, A. Sánchez-Castillo, Z. Ziegler, Y. Ogawa, C. Noguez and J. Park*
Nat. Nanotechnol.,11, 520-524 (2016) <Link>

Imaging Chiral Symmetry Breaking from Kekulé Bond Order in Graphene

C. Gutiérrez, CJ Kim, L. Brown, E. B. Lochocki, K. M. Shen, J. Park and A. N. Pasupathy*

Nat. Phys.,12, 950-958 (2016) <Link>

Klein Tunneling and Electron Trapping in Nanometre-scale Graphene Quantum Dots

C. Gutiérrez, L. Brown, CJ Kim, J. Park and A. N. Pasupathy*

Nat. Phys., 12, 1069-1075 (2016) <Link>

Atomically-thin Ohmic Edge Contacts Between Two-dimensional Materials

M. Guimaraes, H. Gao, Y. Han, K. Kang, S. Xie, CJ Kim, D. Muller, D. C. Ralph and J. Park* (equal contribution)

ACS Nano, 10, 6392-6399 (2016)


High-mobility Three-atom-thick Semiconducting Films with Wafer Scale Homogeneity

K. Kang, S. Xie, L. Huang, Y. Han, P. Y. Huang, K. F. Mak, CJ Kim, D. Muller and J. Park* (equal contribution)

Nature,520, 656-660 (2015) <Link>

Polycrystalline Graphene with Single Crystalline Electronic Structure

L. Brown, E. B. Lochocki, J. Avila, CJ Kim, Y. Ogawa, R. W. Havener, DK Kim, E. J. Monkman, D. E. Shai, H. I. Wei, M. P. Levendorf, M. Asensio, K. M. Shen and J. Park* (equal contribution)

Nano Lett.,14, 5706-5711 (2014) <Link>

Stacking Order Dependent Second Harmonic Generation and Topological Defects in h-BN Bilayers

CJ Kim, L. Brown, M. W. Graham, R. Hovden, R. W. Havener, P. L. McEuen, D. A. Muller and J. Park*

Nano Lett., 13, 5660-5665 (2013) <Link>

Hyperspectral Imaging of Structure and Composition in Atomically Thin Heterostructures

R. W. Havener, CJ Kim, L. Brown, J. W. Kevek, J. D. Sleppy, P. L. McEuen and J. Park*

Nano Lett.,13, 3942-3946 (2013) <Link>

Large Electroabsorption Susceptability Mediated by Internal Photoconductive Gain in Ge Nanowires

HS Lee, CJ Kim, D. Lee, R. R. Lee, K. Kang, I. Hwang and MH Jo*

Nano Lett.,12, 5913-5918 (2012) <Link>

Depolarization Effect in Optical Absorption Measurements of One- and Two-dimensional Nanostructures

L. H. Herman, CJ Kim, Z. Wang, MH Jo and J. Park*

Appl. Phys. Lett.,101, 123102 (2012) <Link>

Graphene and Boron Nitride Lateral Heterostructures for Atomically Thin Circuitry

M. P. Levendorf, CJ Kim, L. Brown, P. Y. Huang, R. W. Havener, D. A. Muller and J. Park* (equal contribution)

Nature,488, 627-632 (2012) <Link>

Vectorial Nanowire Growth by Local Kinetic Manipulation

G. Lee, Y. S. Woo, JE Yang, GS Kim, D. Lee, K. Kang, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

J. Cryst. Growth, 345, 56-60 (2012) <Link>

Spatially Resolved Photodetection in Leaky Ferroelectric BiFeO3

WM Lee, J. H. Sung, K. Chu, X. Moya, D. Lee, CJ Kim, N. D. Mathur, S. W. Cheong, C. H. Yang and MH Jo*

Adv. Mater.,24, 49-53 (2012) <Link>

Determination of the Photocarrier Diffusion Length in Intrinsic Ge Nanowires

YS Shin, D. Lee, HS Lee, YJ Cho, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

Opt. Express, 19, 6119-6124 (2011) <Link>

On-nanowire Band-graded Photodetectors

CJ Kim, HS Lee, YJ Cho, JE Yang, R. R. Lee, J. K. Lee and MH Jo*

Adv. Mater., 23, 1025-1029 (2011) <Link>

Diameter-dependent Internal Gain in Ohmic Ge Nanowire Photodetectors

CJ Kim, HS Lee, YJ Cho, K. Kang and MH Jo* (equal contribution)

Nano Lett., 10, 2043-2048 (2010) <Link>

Directionally Integrated VLS Nanowire Growth in a Local Temperature Gradient

G. Lee, Y. S. Woo, JE Yang, D. Lee, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

Angew. Chem., 48, 7366-7370 (2009) <Link>

P-type Si-nanowire-based Field-effect Transistors for Electric Detection of a Biomarker: Matrix Meta

S. H. Lee, K. Jeon, W. Lee, A. Choi, H. Jung, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

J. Korean Phys. Soc., 55, 232-235 (2009) <Link>

Unconventional Roles of Metal Catalysts in Chemical-vapor Syntheses of Single-crystalline Nanowires

K. Kang, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

J. App. Phys., 105, 122407 (2009) <Link>

Vertically Aligned Si Intra-nanowire p-n Diodes by Large-area Epitaxial Growth

CJ Kim, D. Lee, HS Lee, G. Lee, GS Kim and MH Jo*

Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 173105 (2009) <Link>

Electrical Detection of VEGFs for Cancer Diagnoses Using Anti-VEGF Aptamer-modified Si Nanowire FETs

HS Lee, K. S. Kim, CJ Kim, S. K. Hahn and MH Jo*

Biosensors Bioelectron., 24, 1801-1805 (2009) <Link>

Massive Integration of Inorganic Nanowire-based Structures on Solid Substrates for Device Applications

K. Heo, CJ Kim, MH Jo* and S. Hong*

J. Mater. Chem., 19, 901-908 (2009) <Link>

Low-temperature Deterministic Growth of Ge Nanowires Using Cu Solid Catalysts

K. Kang, D. A. Kim, HS Lee, CJ Kim, JE Yang and MH Jo*

Adv. Mater., 20, 4684-4690 (2008) <Link>

Thermodynamic Analysis for the Size-dependency of Si1-xGex Nanowire Composition Grown by a Vapor-liquid-Solid Method

I. Sa, BM Lee, CJ Kim, MH Jo and BJ Lee*

CALPHAD, 32, 669-674 (2008) <Link>

Axially Graded Heteroepitaxy and Raman Spectroscopic Characterizations of Si1-xGex Nanowires

JE Yang, WH Park, CJ Kim, Z. H. Kim and MH Jo*

Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 263111 (2008) <Link>

The Role of NiOx Overlayers on Spontaneous Growth of NiSix Nanowires from Ni Seed Layers

K. Kang, S. Kim, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

Nano Lett., 8, 431-436 (2008) <Link>

Spontaneous Chemical Vapor Growth of NiSi Nanowires and Their Metallic Properties

CJ Kim, K. Kang, Y. S. Woo, KG Ryu, H. Moon, JM Kim, DS Zang and MH Jo*

Adv. Mater., 19, 3637-3642 (2007) <Link>

Fabrication of Si1-xGex Alloy Nanowire Field-effect Transistors

CJ Kim, WH Park, JE Yang, HS Lee, S. Maeng, Z. H. Kim, H. M. Jang and MH Jo*

Appl. Phys. Lett., 91, 033104 (2007) <Link>

Band-gab Modulation in Single-crystalline Si1-xGex Nanowires

JE Yang, CB Jin, CJ Kim and MH Jo*

Nano Lett., 6, 2679-2684 (2006) <Link>

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